Finding a bank that understood the business’s capital needs

“Frustrated with the inability to find a bank that understood our capital needs, we had spent nearly 2 years contacting large and small institutions in hopes of securing a line of credit against our portfolio of single-family homes. Phillip Williams helped us structure a credit facility and found the RIGHT bank that provided us with the necessary capital to grow our business. We’ve been using this credit facility to grow our portfolio while building stronger ties with the lender.” 

Dillip Vara

Bleckley LLC

Negotiating a business location purchase with zero out-of-pocket cash

“A few years ago, I had the opportunity to purchase my current business location from my landlord.  After a few months of frustrating and unsuccessful attempts working with local bankers, my CPA recommended that I contact Phillip Williams to assist me with this project. I met with Phillip, and he took the time to get to know me and my business. He completed a full review of my financials, as well as understood the future strategy for my business. Working with my CPA and helping me negotiate with my landlord, he crafted a financing proposal that allowed me to purchase my building with zero cash out of pocket. He took a painful process and made it look easy by providing not 1 but 3 banks that were eager to work with my business. I was able to choose the best structure and rates to meet my long-term goals.”

S. Snedecor

S&S Ace Hardware

Escaping a factoring scenario and obtaining funding from the right bank

“Our company had been trying to get out of a factoring scenario for over two years. We met with 4 or 5 banks, with no luck, that couldn’t see what Phillip was seeing. He knows how to look at a business and bring out what the banks are looking for. He knows the business, as well as the banking side of a business. He has plenty of relationships from large to small banking institutions. As a business owner, I can say we will be working with him in the future when it comes to banking. Outstanding!” 

Bobby Robinette


Restructuring the balance sheet to solve a capital shortage and obtain favorable banking services

“I was working with a national franchise prospect that was experiencing a capital shortfall. My prospect had utilized the majority of his capital reserves for mandated franchise improvements. Unfortunately, the corporation became un-bankable due to the required capital expenditures, which had stressed the balance sheet. Any expansion plans were put ON HOLD. Although I could not help my prospect, I recommended that they call Phillip to assist with solving their capital dilemma. Phillip was able to help my prospect restructure off balance sheet assets, which provided the necessary capital injection for the holding company’s shortfall. As a result of this capital infusion, my client’s financial condition improved, which allowed me to provide a complete capital restructure and move this relationship to my bank.” 

Dan Hagaman

SVP Synovus Bank

Securing a traditional loan that added $40K to the bottom line

“Phillip has been a referral partner of my firm and has looked for ways to help my clients. I recently referred a long-term client that was having difficulty obtaining a traditional credit line to support their company’s sales growth. The company was utilizing a finance company that was extremely expensive. Phillip met with my client to have a better understanding of their current situation, as well as their future capital needs. Utilizing his prior banking experience and local market knowledge, he helped my client find a local bank that understood their industry. Within 90 days, my client obtained a larger, traditional bank credit line at about ½ the cost of their prior facility, which added approximately $40K per year to their net income. My client is happy, because they can now utilize this cost savings to help grow their company to the next level.” 

Warren McClellan


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