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Often referred to our clients by bankers, accountants, attorneys, and satisfied customers, P&P Business Solutions assists clients in both the Atlanta and Jacksonville markets with offices in Atlanta, GA and St Augustine, FL.

As your financial coach, we help you make sense of your finances and find viable solutions that allow you to increase and sustain profitability through measures that lead to prosperity.

  • Gaining a better understanding of your financials
  • Maximizing your banking relationship
  • Navigating the financial market to improve cash flow
  • Allocating resources to grow your business
  • Conscientiously planning for the future


Service Areas of P&P Business Solutions

Improving Cash Flow & Profitability

Are you struggling with cash flow?

If the numbers aren’t adding up, we’ll find out if it’s your pricing structure, too much debt, flat sales, and/or an array of other issues.

Phillip was able to help my prospect restructure off balance sheet assets, which provided the necessary capital injection for the holding company’s shortfall. 

Dan Hagaman

SVP Synovus Bank

Arranging Capital Funding

  • Are you struggling to find outside financing?

From years in banking, we know how banks review business clients. With an insider’s advantage, we can guide you to improve your financials and become “bank ready.”  Our local market knowledge further reveals the best banks to serve your particular industry. Think of P&P Business Solutions as “ for your business.”  We’ll find the right bank that understands your particular industry for a more rewarding banking experience.

Boosting Working Capital

  • Do you have the working capital on hand to fund your business growth?

P&P Business Solutions will investigate how you’re spending your money and seek better ways to allocate your resource. We might find too much inventory or slow-paying accounts receivable. We also help you by renegotiating an unfavorable loan or refinancing with another lender.

Preparing to Sell or Exit Your Business

  • Do you have a formal plan to sell your business?

Incredibly, 83% of small business owners have no formal, written transition plan. Another 67% of small business owners are not familiar with all their exit options. (Source: 2013 EPI State of Readiness Survey)

  • Are you working towards optimizing the value of your company?

No matter your perceived timeline, planning for the future and implementing initiatives that support your company’s performance are essential to the viability of your business and its overall valuation.

If wondering how you might benefit from our guidance in navigating your finances, simply contact P&P Business Solutions for a private consultation.

Contact P&P Business Solutions to Crack the Code to Your Financials.

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